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Why We’re Here . . . 

If you are like us, you’ve never met anyone who didn’t complain about having too much stuff.

We all are guilty of accumulating “stuff”, “But, it’s GOOD stuff!”, we pout in exasperation!

At Between Friends, a throw-away of yours becomes a treasure to another.

For our Sellers:  We spruce it, display it, market it, and sell it - one way or another - in our shop, located in Estes Park, Colorado, on eBay, Facebook, and on this site, so keep checking often.

For our Buyers:  When you shop at Between Friends, we assure you our offerings are clean, unique, upscale, and affordable!

Our mission is to provide you with a welcoming, pleasant and safe shopping experience.

We enjoy selling your old treasures to a new friend! Isn’t it fun to share?

Thank you for stopping by here.  We hope to see you shopping!

Giving Back to our Community 

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Supporting Bright Christmas through
Porch Sales, Donations, and Consignment Partnership  
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