Our richest friends!

The In’s and Out’s - for now…

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The In”. . .

Bread Boxes
Book Ends
Home Decor
Craft Items/Art Supplies


Brands We Love…

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The “Out”…

Kitchen Counter Appliances
Leather Coats
Belts & Scarves
Wooden Chairs

Consigning is Simple @ BetweenFriends!

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Clothing & Accessories are taken on seasonal schedule:

    Spring and Summer take-ins
                         March - September 

    Fall and Winter take-ins
                         October - February

All clothing - on hangers, clean, fresh, wrinkle-free with original labels, limited to 12 clothing items per appointment.  

If any item is found to be stained, ripped, missing buttons, broken zippers, prior alterations, pet hair, odors, it will be tossed without further discussion.  

For home accent pieces - chairs, tables, ottomans, large rugs, etc., please send a photo to finer.2nd.things@gmail.com prior to bringing to the shop. 

If you choose to pick up your items after the 60-day consignment, please make appointment for pick-up and pay-out.  Items not picked up within
7 days will be donated or sold as per agreement. 

Donated items will be offered at outdoor sales when weather permits.  If sold, a portion of all sales goes to Bright Christmas, if not sold, items will be donated to The Elizabeth Guild.


✔Between Friends establishes and sets pricing on all items.
✔Consignment will be for, at least, 60 days starting the day the item is placed into inventory.
✔Consignment split is 50% of the final selling price.
✔The Consignor shall have 7 days to redeem the item, or to notify Between Friends of their intent not to redeem. After those 7 days, the item becomes the property of Between Friends.
It is the Consignors’ responsibility to follow-up on their consigned items.
✔Sales and promotions will be at the discretion of Between Friends with the intent of keeping inventory fresh and moving through the store. Specialty or highly collectible items which naturally command a higher price online will be listed on eBay, with seller’s fees taken from Consignor’s proceeds.
✔Consignment items must be clean, in ‘ready to sell’ condition and without need of repair, cleaning, mending, steaming, ironing, etc. Regretfully, items that do not fit these standards cannot be accepted. All clothing must be on hangers with the label intact.
✔All items consigned with Between Friends remain the property of the Consignor during the consignment period. The Consignor understands that Between Friends is not liable for loss, damage, or theft of consigned items; however, we will do everything in our power to insure your items remain safe.
✔If applicable, consigned items of a high value are assumed to be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.
✔I certify that I am the rightful owner of the consignment items, and I have the authority to sell them on consignment. Between Friends will be held harmless from any dispute or litigation arising from the sale of these items.

Our Pledge to YOU!

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Consignors can rest assured we will price your item fairly!  We research our inventory against competitors by searching for comparable items online.