A Note to Our Consignors . . . 


Have you heard??  We grew, a lot!

Between Friends is now accepting furniture consignments, by appointment only!  Stop in to see us for more information.

Storage room issues have prevented us from reconciling accounts and returning unsold inventory earlier.  We are, now, on schedule to have 2021 completed by the end of July, 2022.  Thank you for your patience and kindness.

We are committed to doing it right, and making Between Friends Upscale Resale Shop the place to consign and shop, in Estes Park.

Mention this post and receive 1 free consignment - 100% of the sale of 1 item is yours!  You don’t have to share.   (Please limit to an item of $75, or less.)

Thank you,  Susan🌷

Consigning is Simple @ BetweenFriends!

✏️Agreement Info

✔️ Between Friends establishes all prices.
✔️ Consignments are for a minimum of 60 days, Boutique/90 days, Furniture.
✔️ Consignment split is 50% of final selling price.
✔️ Payouts are made 60/90 days from date of consignment.
✔️ It is a consignor‘s responsibility to follow up with consigned items.
✔️ Consignor agrees that items consigned are not listed for sale on any other platforms.
✔️ Items cannot be removed from the sales floor without advance notice.
✔️ We appreciate our consigners for simply being the best!



✏️Need to Know

✔️Please provide complete list of items being
✔️12 Clothing Items per visit - on hangers, clean, in perfect condition, tag intact, seasonal and stylish.
✔️ No drop-offs
✔️ Consignments are taken, beginning March 15th, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm, or by appointment.  Furniture consignments are by appointment only.
✔️ Thank you for allowing us to provide the Finer Things to our community.


Consignors - Our richest friends!

The In’s and Out’s - for now…

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The In”. . .

Dinette Sets
Side Chairs
Bread Boxes
Book Ends
Home Decor
Designer Purses
Furniture & Accent Pieces

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The “Out”…

Crafts - only yarn accepted
Kitchen Counter Appliances

China that is not microwaveable
Also see list in Furniture

Our Pledge to YOU!

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Consignors can rest assured we will price your item fairly!  We research our inventory against competitors by searching for comparable items online.